Dog grooming services in Wellington, Telford

Grooming is essential in hygienic dog care and will improve his or her physical appearance. Trimming dog nails can ensure your dog walks comfortably, relieving any pressure on their toes.

Keeping your dog clean & healthy

At Clips Grooming Parlour we can advise you on maintaining your dog's health through expert grooming. Our range of grooming products help promote good dog care and puppy care. We use only organic dog shampoos, minimising the risk of allergic reactions.

We provide grooming services for all breeds of dog, specialising in spaniels and terriers. If your dog is looking scruffy, call us today to arrange a session and get them back to looking their best.

Grooming services for your dog at Clips Grooming Parlour include:

Professional hairdresser's scissors on color background

Dog hair trimming & stripping

top view of scissors and nail nippers

Dog nail trimming

Used Hair brush tools on pink or coral background with copy space. Beauty fashion, hair care background.

Extensive brushing for coat, tail & ears

Reusable bamboo cotton buds on the yellow background


Bottles of shampoo on green background, space for text. Natural

Bathing, using organic dog shampoos

Get your hound a haircut at Clips Grooming Parlour, professional dog care & grooming